Thursday, January 26, 2006

Day One

The semester started today in a din of thunder and earthquakes, and by "thunder and earthquakes" I mean "me taking a shit." I got up relatively early for my time back here and had breakfast w/ my housemates. Andrew is heading to South Africa for the semester, so it was a bon voyage of sorts. Now it's just Mike and I in the house. I predict hours of Law and Order and hours of random jamming with Mike on his geetar.

I read and compared Capitalist Development and Democracy and Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times today, attempting to find a niche to insert whatever insight I can provide. What explains the breakdown of democracy best, the balance of class forces or voting results? And seriously, who the hell cares? I apparently did, as I compared each book's analysis of German voting patterns from 1919-1933, and I don't even study Germany. What an academic I am.

I did all that at my new desk in the basement of Maxcy, which is mostly all set up, save a few semi-full boxes and bags I have to bring home. I have a lot more stretch out space at my spot, and a lot more space to put my books. If I had a hutch, it'd be scholar central, but I guess we can go without one for now. I'd take a picture, but my digital camera's busted.

So, tomorrow I TA my first freshman class. Let the semester really commence.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Day Q

I got in last night, about forty minutes early. My bags came out of the conveyor belt early and they still weighed a ton. I loaded them up on a cart and waited outside for Jen, who took me home. We hung with my housemates for a bit, exposing them to the wonders of Yacht Rock.

Today, I have no ambitions. Perhaps I will watch a movie before church at 5. Perhaps I will play a rousing game of City of Heroes or Civ4. Or perhaps I will relax beyond relaxing.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Days Gone By

It might be obvious to you that I haven't updated this thing for nearly a month. Well, I commit to change. In the time since I last wrote anything down here, I think I spent a week with my aunt here at home, spent two weeks at IQRM in Arizona, and got back in time to have my family's return flight from the Philippines change on me about three times.

So where does that leave me three weeks into 2006? A little more relaxed, I guess, maybe a little less burnt out. I fly back to Providence on Saturday, a few days before classes start up again. I hear from reliable sources that it's been warmer as of late, which I'll welcome heartily.

And second semester will be comin' round. Usually the third year of anything I do ends up pretty craptacular (see 8th grade, junior year HS, junior year at Conn), so I can only expect the worst. Hopefully now without a lot of "real" classes to take, I can work harder on refining a new topic for my dissertation and getting my work to measure as long as I think my dick should actually be. Good times.

In metrosexual news, I went shopping the other day for Christmas presents, serendipitously finding nearly everything was 50% off or more as the retailers were clearing out all their winter shit for spring. I got presents for nearly everyone, save my littlest brother as the toy store in the mall literally had no games left. I also picked up some cheap ass shit for me, including a bottle of cologne that, sadly, was not as cheap as the other shit I got. But no matter: I smell like $50.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006