Thursday, April 19, 2007

Brain Is On, No End In Sight

It's been a long week, starting with a late-night session to correct papers on Monday, and then a long few days in between working on Inter-Ivy stuff and TAing things. I managed to take care of myself just a little bit, so I'm hoping that the end-of-conference party will be enjoyable (we got a karaoke machine). Of course, it'll only be fun if everyone sings (i.e. not me).

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I had a dream last night. It was not for racial equality, nor was it to take my son into Egypt. I dreamt that a group of friends and I were being chased in a hotel by "the football team" which had managed to walk around in two lines, led by their coaches. My friends and I managed to make our way to the stairs where we used a little-known entrance to the staff locker room to duck the team, the hotel staff trying to hide us.

Unfortunately, the football team started filing in, and there weren't a lot of places to hide, so I (in my infinite wisdom), decide to cover my eyes with my arm and pull my shirt over my mouth. Luckily, it worked, as the football coach didn't recognize me. I then scrambled to a side exit, made my way to the elevator, and exited the hotel.

Outside, I found my "roommates" with whom I started playing frisbee. I thought I was in the clear, but a few football players came out of the building. My "roommate" suggested that I just ignore them, but they recognized me and I was led away to one of their cars. I walked with my hands in the air like a prisoner to spite them, and when we were in the car, the football player who captured me said I was being sent to a "rabinologist" which I think was my mind's attempt to say "anger management specialist."

And as I was asking him, "what's a rabinologist?" my doorbell woke me up.