Tuesday, June 09, 2009

In Philadelphia, No One Can Hear You Scream

So a few people have been re-reading the ole blog (some very
thouroughly) and so I *guess* I'll give you more than a tweet's worth
of an update. And really there's not a whole lot worth saying, other
than a few depressing issues with my funding and the fact that I
probably burnt out the graphics card on my laptop.

Though yesterday I had to play high school again and my mom dragged me
shopping with her. As usual, I fell asleep in the passenger seat. When
I came to, I realized my mother had locked me in the car without the
keys. It was fairly stuffy inside, and luckily I had been wearing
layers (and shorts), so I thought nothing of it, until I decided to
get out and go to Office Max next door.

I attempted to unlock the doors from inside, it slowly dawned on me
that I couldn't AND that if I tried to open the doors, the car alarm
would go off. I started to flick the "unlock" switch more desperately,
of course to no avail. I called my mom who was still in the store.
"Mom?" I said. "Um, I'm suffocating in the car an I can't open the
doors without the alarm going off."

"I'm still in line. 10 more minutes," she said.

So I was convinced that if I were a small dog or an elderly person,
I'd probably be dead already. Bejeweled wasn't helping, so I went back
to trying to unlock the doors. Eventually mom came out and
thoughtfully unlocked the doors from a distance. I opened the door and
panted in some fresh air. Mom had kind of a silly look on her face,
and we had a good (sorta) laugh about it.

Today, we we discussing what my brother has to buy when he gets to
Vassar and the subject of the Philadelphia airport came up. Apparently
the airport has a big mall that's tax free, which produced this gem of
a nonsequitur from Mom:

"They must have a lot of gays there in Philadelphia (silence)"

"Why's that, Mom?"

"Well there's that movie, Philadelphia Story (sic) and [Al's] teacher
is gay, so..."

And then we had one of those "that doesn't make sense" moments. You
wonder where I get it from.