Monday, September 13, 2010

As Promised, Lifestyles of the Loan Borrowing and Lazy

So here we are, face to face, a couple of readers and I. As you can see to your left, my bedroom is hard to take a picture of. Compared to how I'd been living for the past maybe twenty years or so, this bedroom layout is completely different: no computer whatsoever. Basically, I come in here to sleep and change my clothes, which makes it infinitely less stressful on me. Still, if I could get in here at a decent hour, I might sleep in the first place. Note too that I've not graduated too far past "collegiate" tastes in furniture here, in part because furniture is fucking expensive.

Now, dear reader, we're in the living room. Downstairs in my old apartment, Andrew and Emily lived in this room. I've opted to make it a place to waste my time. While it might look comfortable, those couches are a perfect combination of all-right looks and borderline comfort -- you can only sit on them so long because they're not very forgiving on the butt. But they're brown, and stuff matches in there. I actually built the room around those two damn couches.

Oh damn, what the heck is that? It's an actual live TV. Seen only faintly is the HTPC on the bottom, along with the receiver for the speakers. All that stuff was a luxury purchase, mainly to keep me off of my main comp and therefore less likely to stay up to the wee hours of the night reading about Icelandic cuisine on wikipedia. A fairly expensive way to overcome one's internet addiction, but I figure it's still cheaper than detox and recovery.

Ahh the kitchen. It's kind of gigantic and I love it. The island/bench was here when I got the apartment and I have every intention of stealing it when I leave. What you don't see to their fullest extent are all the kitchen things I bought off of my friend Julia. I think I can fairly say that every man should have three ladles, each of different sizes and weights.

The bathroom, or, where the existing furniture dictated the color of the stuff I ended up buying for the place, which was actually limited to a blue and white bathroom rug you don't see here; and the white mat near the shower. That mat, by the way, is very plush. It's like Tempur-Pedic for the showering set, and since I shower, I'm a member! I would hope you are too.

I realize now that the only place missing is the office.

Well, and there you go. That's a dissertation face.